Welcome to Karma, Kismet, & Rio's very own webpage!

We are not a cattery. Our cats are pets, not employees. The health and freedom of our pets is our number one priority. None of our kitties are caged. We have chosen to breed our kitties to provide others with quality companions and not purely for monetary gain. They live with us, they sleep with us, they are members of our families.

'Cageless' Confusion
A cageless breeder is a breeder that does not cage their adult cats. Beware of breeders that advertise not caging their KITTENS. This does not mean their adult cats have freedom. It is UNSAFE for the kittens and most likely untrue and meant to deceive you. Our kittens are penned unless properly supervised. Our adult cats are never caged.
We carefully plan each of our litters with our veterinarian ensuring that our cats are in optimum condition for pregnancy. Kitties need time to recuperate after carrying and nursing those little bundles of joy. Rio, our only male, spends equal time between his girls. This will give everyone who purchases a kitten a chance to see both parents.

Because of our own moral code of ethics regarding the over-breeding and caging of cats we have devised our own style of Stud Pants for Rio. They are very light and unobtrusive allowing him to remain free while providing us with "Kitty Contraception". We encourage other breeders to use this method rather than cage their kitties. They are available for purchase on our Stud Pants page.

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