She is a CFA Registered Tortie Point Himalayan. She belongs to Brittany. She's an Army brat and moves around a lot, but she currently lives in Hampden, ME.

She is very protective of Brittany's little girl, Peyton. She can always be found nearby keeping a close eye on her. If Peyton has a nightmare Karma's often the first to her side.

Fun Fact
Karma has an extra nipple and it actually works!
Karma has had a love for pom-poms since she was a kitten. She loved to bat them around and play with them. Now, she is much more maternal with her pom-poms. She loves to collect them and keep them in a safe, quiet place. If you move them, watch out! She'll be very vocal while she desperately searches for them!

Karma & Kismet are sisters born from the same litter. Even though they sometimes live far from each other, they still get together often since their families are family. Kismet belongs to Brittany's mother.