He is a CFA Registered Chocolate Point Himalayan. He has Seal, Lilac, Flame, Tortie, Chocolate, & even a Blue-Lynx Point in his pedigree! He spends time equally between Karma & Kismet's families.

Fun Fact
Rio's "love bites" can break the skin!
Rio grew up in a cage, but he left that behind when he came to live with us. He is our lazy, lovable giant. He spends all his time lolling around the house. He makes sure to test every nook and cranny, of every object, in every room, in his search for optimum comfort!

We love that Rio enjoys his freedom and it wouldn't be possible without our Stud Pants. They give Rio the ability to be free and socialize without risk of unplanned pregnancies by our girls. I cannot imagine my cats living in a cage or perpetually pregnant and without our Stud Pants one of the two would be inevitable.

Spread the love - Rio does! Here's a birds eye view of his growing family tree: